Region 9 Vocation DirectorsPeople sometimes look at me a second time when I say my ministry is that of Vocation Director.  Maybe they wonder if it’s a tough job, if I like it (or don’t), if I will complain because of stress and burdens.  What they discover, I hope, is that I love what I do.  Conversations with young people who are discerning their future or learning the meaning of vocation are always times of grace.  I feel deeply grateful for the privilege of being able to share so openly about Jesus, his Gospel, St. Angela Merici and the Ursulines. Another big plus is collaboration with other vocation directors, who are filled with hope and energy (as the photo clearly shows).

For those of you young adults who are trying to figure out your own future,  consider contacting a vocation director.  And if you cannot, or don’t want to do that, here are some online resources that might help you: