planet earthWhile planet earth orbits the sun today, there’s lots of revelry taking place on it–in New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, Venice, Cologne, and other little towns along the way. Whatever this day is called in your part of the world– Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day, Mardi Gras– it IS the day before Ash Wednesday, and time to celebrate before 40 days of Lenten prayer and fasting.

UntitledThere’s a proverb that says, “so much sun as shines on Shrove Tuesday, so it shines all Lent.”  The thing is, the sun is always shining; we just can’t always see it, or don’t. St. Paul, struggling to share the truth of Christ, declared to one rather stubborn guy, “you will be blind, and unable to see the sun for a time.”  As we celebrate today, may we have confidence that the sun shines, notice any tendencies we have to blindness, and welcome this Lent as a sacred time to grow in love for the true Light of our world.