In 1968 Pope Paul VI began the tradition of dedicating the first day of the year to world peace. On January 1, 2015 Pope Francis will mark the 47th year with his message for World Day of Peace entitled “Slaves No More, But Brothers and Sisters.” In his message, he challenges us to see the God-given dignity of all people. In peace clipartparticular, Pope Francis highlights the plight of domestic and agricultural laborers, migrants, those forced into prostitution, and children and adults who are trafficked for any reason.

Why not spend some time between now and New Years Day to read and pray with Pope Francis’ message? Listen to your heart. Discern how you might respond to Pope Francis’ challenge to be artisans of peace. For a short, 2-page resource in Spanish and English with suggestions for getting involved, click here. On January 1st, use the hashtag #SlavesNoMore to get the word out.

Saint Angela, artisan of peace and reconciliation, help us walk in your footsteps as makers and do-ers of peace!