Yesterday I had several opportunities to help people. I didn’t set out to be helpful, but the occasions just presented themselves. One of these “helpful episodes” involved offering someone a ride. The person had had a difficult time. She was listing theangel and star various things that had happened throughout the day and then stopped and said, “But angels are everywhere.”

That made me stop and think. We hear a lot about angels during Advent and Christmas—Mary and Joseph received messages from angels, Christmas cards and carols are full of angels, and Christmas movies often have angels show up disguised as humans. A friend of mine fills her Christmas tree with white porcelain angels.

Have you heard the expression: We only see what we want to see? I’m going to be on the lookout for the human angels all around. I want to see them because I want to thank them. My guess is that many angels get called into action just like I was yesterday—they’re in the right place at the right moment. I invite you to join me on the lookout. Who knows? You just might be the angel God puts in someone’s path!