How do you add spice to your life when you feel depleted? What energizes your spirit? If you asked a dozen people, you’d get a dozen different answers—things like coffee, chocolate and working out are the ones I hear most frequently. But what happens when the caffeine or adrenalin wear off?

A source of renewable energy for anyone discerning their vocation is prayer.Plate of Red Chili Peppers While it may seem counter-intuitive, 10 minutes of silence can be the most energizing activity you do each day. Ask anyone who spends time alone in nature, or attends Eucharistic Adoration, or simply unplugs themselves from all electronic devices and sits still for a while. In that short period of silence, we give God a chance to speak. There’s no distractions or competition for our attention. We can let ourselves simply be absorbed in the silence—no words necessary. Before you know it, you’re addicted. The inner peace and joy restore us to life in ways that no substance can. Why not try practicing 10 minutes of silent prayer each day? You can do it anywhere and the ROI is one hundred-fold.