jack o'lanternsTomorrow is Halloween. No news there. If you’re like me, you’ve been eating the candy intended for the Trick or Treaters for weeks already. But when you get up Saturday morning and turn the page on your calendar, do you know what day it will be? And what about the day after that? No, the correct answer is not, “The end of Daylight Savings Time!”

This weekend we celebrate 2 big feasts—Saturday is the feast of All Saints and Sunday is the feast of All Souls. I like to think of it as a weekend of wholeness. We’re invited to remember who we are at our deepest core and to stretch a little to live that reality more closely. We remember all who’ve gone before us—those who’ve loved us and those who’ve challenged us. We celebrate the unity of the living and the deceased in the communion of saints. And we reflect on how we live in “joyful hope” of our own passage into the loving embrace of God.

So enjoy this special weekend. And for an enlightening and entertaining look into this weekends’ feasts, treat yourself to this video Saints and All Hallows Eve by Fr. James Martin, S.J.