Tea RoseThis summer seemed to take such a long time to arrive, and now it appears to be rapidly disappearing.  How can it already be July?  I find myself wanting to cling to every day’s flowers and ripening tomatoes.  Perhaps that’s a sign that I need to slow down, not the season.  In that spirit, I’ll reiterate some things I said in the June Journeys e-letter.

Sometimes our lives are filled with so much detail that there’s no time to relax.  We might all consider ways to bring a more restful way of being into our daily lives.  For example:

Laugh.  Milton Berle said that laughter is an instant vacation.  Enjoy a book or video that really touches your funny bone.  Or find friends with whom to share stories that make you laugh together.

Walk barefoot in the grass.  Breathe deeply and fill your lungs with fresh air.

Cultivate inner silence.  Shut down the inner voices that say you must do one more thing.  Let your mind and heart become still.  Listen to the birds, the trees, rain.

Live in the present. Don’t be obsessed with past mistakes or fear of the future.  Be mindful and aware of the present.

Enjoy July!