Tropical beach scene on a sunny day in Oahu, Hawaii

What you seek is seeking you.

This quotation from Rumi is on my wall calendar. It caught my eye recently after a conversation with a friend about the process of discernment. She was reflecting how, in her experience, the answer to the very thing she was seeking clarity about was before her all along; she just couldn’t see it.

What are the things we seek? We often start with things like a good education or a well-paying job. But when we go deeper, we begin to recognize other things, like love, strength, friendship, God. Have you ever stopped to think that these very things are seeking you as well? What does it feel like to know that love or strength or friendship or God is seeking you?

When I let my imagination have its way, I can picture God seeking me. It’s as if God is a lighthouse in the distance, and in the darkness I can make my way back to the shore in safety. When I find myself seeking strength, I can be sure that it’s already within me, waiting to be summoned from somewhere deep inside. Take a moment sometime today and reflect on what it is you truly seek. Then imagine that it is seeking you. Ask God to open your eyes and heart to recognize the One who seeks you and to respond with a joyful heart.