Elderly lady typing on laptop. Shallow DOF.


Woman is the light of God.  ~Rumi

Sunday is Mother’s Day. Whether our mother is living or deceased, unknown or estranged, we all have memories and stories of women who along the way have mothered us into fuller, deeper life. We also have Mary, the Mother of God, and our mother.

As a way to enter meaningfully into Mother’s Day, I offer 2 resources from our friends at Busted Halo. The first is an article entitled May is for Mary: a month of lessons in doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly in her footsteps. The second is a Virtual Mother’s Day Retreat.

You may also want to spend time with the photo above and/or reflect on the following questions:

  • How / When have I seen the light of God in my mother? What did it look / feel like?
  • In what ways can I shine God’s light? (Men can do this, too!!)
  • What can I do this Mother’s Day to reverence the light of God in the women I meet?
  • Who do I know that’s in need of God’s light at this time? How can I be light for this person?