Last week I wrote about discovering I have a poor sense of direction. This past week I’ve been out in California for a family wedding. Even though I haven’t lived there CA map
in more than 10 years, I instantly felt at home in a way that the Midwest will never feel. Certainly things have changed over the years, but some things never change. The ocean and the bay are right where they’ve always been. The Coastal Range, bridges and redwood forests are still in the same places. If someone tells me to drive south on a particular road, I can do so without hesitation. I know which freeways connect and which direction they go. All of this is to say that it’s good to return to our “homeland” from time to time.

Over the years as an Ursuline Sister, I have sunk roots in many places. Each place eventually becomes “home” and I thrive there. Moving from place to place, saying goodbye and hello, is part and parcel of our life as apostolic religious. The act of uprooting is not fun, but I can say that I’ve grown and been enriched in every place I’ve been missioned. I try to be open to wherever God leads, knowing that it will be the place of greatest happiness. Just like Abraham, God may call us to leave our homeland. But it never stops being home, even when we’re miles away.