I’ve just participated in several “Lifestyles” classes with seniors at Ursuline Academy in St. Louis, sharing with them about discernment as well as Religious life.  I find it energizing to be with these young women and help them realize that each one is created in God’s image, with special gifts, talents and inner beauty, and for a unique purpose in this world.  The challenge is to discover what that is.

UntitledOne of the questions asked by the girls was “how did you know you wanted to be an Ursuline and not a sister of another congregation?”    That’s an easy one for me.  It was the Ursulines I knew best from having them in school.  I used to observe them and saw they were excellent teachers, very human, and even fun.  As I learned about St. Angela and her charism, I loved the way she listened to God, was creative in helping women in need, and gently affirmed and encouraged each person in her life–something I saw imaged in the Ursulines I knew.

Today, many young people considering a religious vocation do not personally know members of religious communities.  They turn to the web for information and contacts with real sisters of various congregations.  It’s a challenge to know how to begin because there are so many groups out there.  Luckily, there are great resources available.  One of the best is Vision Vocation Match.  It’s a series of questions that will help you gain insight into your vocation and match you with compatible religious organizations.  Then, if you wish, you can contact those particular congregations.  Click here for a 2 minute video about it. Then give it a try.  It’s fun and can be very helpful!