Patience 2Does this ever happen to you? The closer you are to something—like a breakthrough or finishing a big project—the farther away it feels? Spring is like that for me this year. The next few weeks until March 20th are going to seem endless, even though spring is right around the corner.

Sometimes discernment can be like this, too. In my own experience, just when I feel like I’m back at Square One and nothing seems clear, all of a sudden something opens up. It often is precipitated by something seemingly coincidental or random, and yet with God there are no coincidences. The answer I’ve been seeking is suddenly before me, and I’m invited to choose it. I had no idea that I was so close!

Patience and fidelity play a big part. I call them the twin sisters of discernment. Fidelity to the process, and patience in the waiting. Another way of saying that is to live in the now and not in the future. If I strive to be patient and faithful day by day, then I can trust that God will do the rest.