You did not choose Me, but I chose you.

wordle 3January is a month when many of us celebrate anniversaries of Religious Profession.  We’re grateful for the blessings of Ursuline life in the company of others who share St. Angela’s dreams and vision. Together, we renew our vowed commitment to follow Jesus and share his Gospel with others.

Anyone considering religious life might fall into the trap of thinking that this is purely my choice.  I am thinking about being a sister.  It’s a big choice I am making.  I have decided to be a religious.  We need to be careful here.  Just as the decision for marriage requires more than one person, so does religious life.  Jesus clearly reminds us that it is he who first of all has chosen us (John 15:16).  It’s true for every vocation.  He, with TAP_5816great love, chooses us, helps us discover our best selves, and shows how we can use our gifts, not only for our own personal fulfillment, but to bring life to those around us as well.

Discernment of vocation means listening to the God who gives gentle signs of a call to happiness and holiness.  We must be attentive, alert to what seems to tug at our heart, where we feel inner peace, energy and hope, and how we are being nudged to act. We’re not alone in this discovery.  Jesus is right there with us showing his love and companionship.