DSCN1264I’m happy to introduce you to the temporary professed Ursuline Sisters from México and Peru. We were together last week in Puebla, México for the province retreat. When the retreat came to a close, they graciously gathered for this photo op!

This lively group of women are in various stages of what we call the Period of Temporary Vows, or Juniorate. This is the stage of formation which follows the Novitiate. It’s a time of active involvement in Ursuline ministry, as well as on-going study. The emphasis is on learning to unite contemplation and action within our Ursuline way of life. Our Ursuline Constitutions describes it like this: “This unity of contemplation and action requires an integration of prayer, study, ministry, and community life.” During the fifth year of temporary vows, a Sister can request to be accepted for Final Vows.

Many young women I talk with are curious about the stages of formation, and sometimes think that their discernment process comes to an end the moment they enter the convent. That’s only the beginning! Once a woman and the community discern together that God may be calling her to religious life, each congregation provides stages that help both the woman and the congregation discern the reality of her vocation and the best way to develop her gifts within the charism of the congregation.

I invite you to pray for these Ursuline Sisters as they continue their formation and grow in their awareness as daughters of St. Angela.