homeless“I’ll be homeless for Christmas.”  Isn’t that an unexpected twist on a familiar song? It’s apparently the truth for some college students.  A December 10th CNN article pointed out that some colleges “shut down completely and no one can stay on campus” during Christmas holidays. That’s a big problem for students who are homeless.

The article contains startling information—click here.   It reveals that more than 58,000 college applicants indicated they were homeless on federal financial aid forms for the 2012-13 academic year.  That means that some of them, put out of their college dorms, have nowhere to go over Christmas.  Yet they are determined to get an education, recognizing it as the only way to escape the cycle of poverty that engulfs their lives.

homeThis Saturday is Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day It happens on the longest night of the year.  Just days before we celebrate the birth of Jesus, whose family had to search for a place to stay the night of his birth, we might take a few moments to pray for, maybe even reach out to, those who are homeless these cold winter months.