When I lived at our Ursuline Generalate in Rome, Italy, I always enjoyed the feast of St. Nick, December 6.  He’s especially important to our sisters from the central and eastern European countries.  On his feast in Rome, he would make a surprise visit in St Nicholasthe evening while we enjoyed supper.  One of the young sisters would dress up in red—bishop’s miter on her head and long white beard on her chin—and make the rounds, asking each of us if we had been good and giving out little treats.  There was plenty of laughter as well as singing of traditional carols.

Stories abound about this kind and friendly saint.  Apparently, his parents died while he was young and he used inheritance money to help the poor.  He is especially well known for his care and love of children.  I read that he was declared a canonized saint “by acclamation.”

I’m wondering about modern day St. Nicks.  Who shares inherited wealth (or whatever they possess) with the poor today?  Who gives special attention to children and their needs?  Are there people whom we would want to declare saints by popular acclamation?  If you know them, why not thank them on St. Nick’s day?  And tell us about them on this blog.