New England Fall ColorLast week I had the great gift of offering three days of retreat to the Sisters in our infirmary, followed by a day of prayer for the co-workers and staff. The theme of the retreat? Gratitude. Through a series of Gospel stories we reflected on ways that gratitude is linked to joy, to a deeper sense of belonging and communion with others, to conversion, to compassion, to action on behalf of others, and ultimately to praising God. The insights shared during our afternoon faith-sharing times were both humbling and filled with great wisdom and simplicity. Pure gift.

I offer you another gratitude resource to help you practice living a lifestyle of gratitude. Living a Life of Gratitude: Lessons learned from 12 years of keeping a gratitude journal offers some good food for thought. The author, Christina Gebel, suggests three practices that helped her develop a lifestyle of gratitude. You might have other practices to share. If so, be sure to add them in the comment box.