UntitledOne thing I love about religious life is what we Sisters are able to do when we are together.  These last 4 days, we Ursulines of the USA Central Province gathered at a retreat house in St. Louis.  It’s time for us to select our leadership team for the next 3 years, and we met to look at the challenges ahead, what skills our leaders will need, and to pray, talk about and discern who might best be called forth to lead us at this time. It’s been a wonderful communal time of open listening, honest conversation, and affirmation and encouragement of one another.

St. Angela says “above all, listen to the Holy Spirit speaking to you in your heart.”  As individuals, we really try to do that, and the Spirit certainly never stops surprising us.  But when we are tuned in to the Spirit as community, we experience an amazing fire that strengthens our bonds, creates new hope, and frees us for new life and commitment.  Thank you, Holy Spirit!