Day of the Dead 1Here in the USA, today is Halloween.  While it brings good fun for children and even adults, the commercial frenzy over costumes and candy has become ridiculous.  In some other countries, however, this day ushers in el Día de los Muertos.  It continues through November 1 and 2,  feasts of All Saints and All Souls. Friends and family gather to remember loved ones who have died.  Cemeteries are visited, graves decorated with flowers, food, candles, and other decorations, and stories told about the departed.

Day of the Dead 2It’s lovely to see cemeteries filled with visitors on these days.  Emphasis is on love and remembrance of those who have died.  And while some of the decorations might seem a bit bizarre to us, the spirit of the feast is far different from that of our Halloween. Focus is on the relationship with those who have “passed over” to another world, on their liberation from suffering and being filled with new life.  That is quite different from the orange and black that colors our part of the world at this season. Click here for a delightful 3 minute video.  Be sure to watch to the end for the true meaning.