changing colorWhat’s your favorite season? Mine is Autumn. Each year I look forward to drinking in the beauty of the trees in their vibrant red, orange, and yellow leaves. Here in Chicago the leaves are just beginning to turn color.

One of the lessons I learn from the Autumn leaves is that there is a time for letting go. The leaves let go at the peak of their beauty in order to make room for the life that is to come. As I speak with young people discerning their vocation, I can sometimes sense an unspoken desire to orchestrate the process or be in control of the timeline. Discernment is a process, and we certainly play an important role. But ultimately, God is in charge. We can remain in “discernment-mode” until we’re blue in the face. Or we can do our part and then simply let go and trust that the loving arms of God will embrace us and open our eyes to the new life to come.

As you notice the change of season around you, reflect on what God might be calling you to let go of. Pray for the trust and courage to fall into God’s loving embrace.