CA mapOnce again I have the opportunity to spend a week in Northern California visiting my family. I come from a small family. My two siblings and I are third generation Californians. They, their children, and grandchildren all live in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. That’s where I lived, too, until 10 years ago when I moved to Chicago. I love Chicago, but California feels like home in a way that no other place does. I wasn’t in Chicago long when a colleague in ministry referred to California as the land of fruits and nuts. It took me a few minutes to realize that he wasn’t referring to our rich agriculture, but rather to US. Who knew? I didn’t take offense. Actually I thought it quite funny. Our quirkiness, vision, and openness to new thinking is something I value and cherish. So as you read this post, picture me enjoying both the literal and the figurative fruits and nuts of home. Have a good week everyone!