spider web-001I’ve just returned from a wonderful week “in the quiet”. Five of us Ursuline sisters made retreat together at a place in the rolling hills of southern Missouri. The song “Into the Quiet” by Liam Lawton (listen here) was an invitation to be still and attentive to the Holy Mystery of God’s constant love and presence. We enjoyed the beauty of creation, reflected and prayed in silence and solitude during the day, then gathered to share an evening meal followed by conversation about the blessings of our day.

Times like this remind me of the importance of making space in everyday life for becoming aware of the Sacred Presence of God. A few moments at the end of the day to just be, a walk in a park observing the sacred web of life, an hour without distraction to listen to the heart—-all these can help us recognize God’s dwelling within and around us. I’ve heard that for years Gandhi spent one day a week in silence. Having experienced, once again, the quiet and stillness of retreat, I see his wisdom, and I know I want to find simple ways to incorporate it more regularly into my life.