convocation 3“East and west, north and south, gathered daughters, gathered sons, common Heart and common Love . . . .”  This we repeatedly sang the last four days, as 200 Ursuline Sisters, Associates and friends gathered in Cincinnati for the North American Ursuline Convocation.  Breaking open the theme “Angela’s Radical Vision, Expanding the Circles. . . ,” we listened to one another, shared hopes, made new friendships and renewed old ones.  As always, it was a time of celebration of our foundress St. Angela Merici and an opportunity to seek new ways to share her magnificent gifts and legacy with others.

EXPANDING CIRCLES . . . . That theme is very much in my heart as I read today about the activities of Pope Francis.  He has visited Lampedusa, an island at the southernmost part of Italy and a principal European point of entry for thousands of migrants.  Click here to read his deeply inspiring homily.  Using a chalice made from the wood of wrecked boats piled up near the island, the Pope asked “Where is your brother?”

COMMON HEART AND COMMON LOVE . . . . Where is the sister or brother who longs to be included in our circles?  How can we reach out to those who want to believe we share a common heart and love in the Body and Blood of Christ?  What would Jesus do today?  What would Angela do?  What will we do?