SunSummer in St. Louis is notoriously HOT.  Having grown up here, I’m not surprised when the scorching days arrive and we all have to slow down a bit because it’s impossible to just keep rushing around.  I like the way summer heat and sleepy days make us dig deeper into our souls for what really sustains us.

As we in the United States approach our annual celebration of July 4th, it might be good to remember the faith that supported our founding mothers and fathers.  Is the same strong  faith alive in us these 237 years later?  Are we able to embrace the challenges and struggles of today with a solid faith and trust that God is with us, will never leave us, and is fashioning us, day by day, into one family, one body in Christ?

Everyday faith is a gift from God that makes it possible for us to live with true freedom.  Listen to Bernadette Farrell’s beautiful song Everyday God and consider how the God of your faith sustains you in all seasons.