hourglass“If I could save time in a bottle. . . .”  These words come from an old 70’s Jim Croce song.  Don’t we all, at times, wish we could do just that, bottle up time–or energy– and make it last longer?  As we approach the feast of the Ascension of Jesus, I’ve been thinking about the limited time he had on earth to do what he felt called to do.  But he managed to do it, all of it.

Each of us is called to live our lives in ways that bring peace and happiness, for ourselves as well as those around us.  This requires discernment—on a daily basis— of how we use the two precious gifts of time and energy.  What gets priority in our lives?  Do we take time to listen to creation, to people, to our God? Is our energy spent for what nourishes relationships and promotes life and love, or for frenzied spinning from one thing to another?  Reflection on the way Jesus used his time and energy is cBooklet--In His Own Wordsertainly one way to make better choices ourselves.

One of our Ursuline Sisters, Sr. Bridget Haase, recently sent me a newly published little booklet, In His Own Words: A Scriptural Examination of Life.  It would be a great resource for reflecting on the values that guided Jesus and for discerning our own uses of time and energy.  Click here for more information.