The arrival of spring always draws us outdoors.  People have already begun planting vegetables and flowers.  Whether we call our little patch of land a “garden” or just the “yard”, there is something about being Trees of winter and summerclose to the earth that is wonderful.  I heard a great Easter homily about the importance of being in the garden for Jesus and his friends.  There was reference to the Garden of Olives and the garden where Mary, weeping, was overcome by joy when the risen Jesus called her name.  The question was posed, “are we ready to meet the Lord in the garden of our lives?”

Recently I went to the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis.  I was struck by the spring beauty, of course, but also by the contrasts of winter and spring.  There were signs of blossoming and new growth, while the starkness of winter was still very evident.  But there was potential for life in all of it.  It takes prayer and discernment to recognize that “everything works together for good,” as St. Paul says.

P1010271It is in the garden of our everyday lives that God meets us, often in ways we never could have dreamed. What does your garden hold at this time?  Are there people, places, experiences in your daily life that might contain seeds of new life for you?  Is the Lord calling your name, right there where you are?