UntitledTomorrow is the feast of St. Joseph, “a righteous man,” as the Gospel tells us.  “Righteous” isn’t a word we use much today.  I looked it up and found some synonyms: decent, honest, just, nice, good, right-minded, and virtuous. Maybe it would be more meaningful if the Gospel could just say, “Joseph was a downright decent and honest man.”  In any case,  we celebrate today what makes him so decent and honest: his deep faith and trust in God, his listening heart, absolute devotion to his wife and child, and HOPE.  For an enjoyable reflection on Joseph’s life experience, click here.

I am still in Rome, continuing my work at our Ursuline Generalate.  Tomorrow I will be in Piazza San Pietro for the feast of St. Joseph, and to celebrate our new Pope Francis, or Papa Francesco, as everyone here says.  There will be hundreds of thousands of people.  It is my hope that we will all be praying for this new pope, and for every member of our church and human community, that we may truly be like Joseph– decent, honest persons, filled with faith and HOPE.