One of the activities that Sr. Elisa and I do as Vocation Directors is to visit our seven Ursuline high schools around the country. Since January we’ve been to three of them. We encourage students, faculty, and staff to ask questions, and have a lunch time event where anyone can submit questions for any Ursuline Sister, put it in the Question Box, and be eligible for prizes at the end of the day. We plan to answer the questions here on the blog. Today is the first installment.

Students from the Academy of Mount St. Ursula in the Bronx asked lots of good questions! Here are 3 of them which were directed LC_JH Dallas_2to Sr. Lois Castillon, OSU of Dallas.

1. What is it like to have a personal relationship with God?   To have a personal relationship with God means I have a good friend. I can talk with God about my likes and dislikes, my ups and downs. My image of God is that of a friend who journeys daily with me on the path of life. Yesterday I visited the Tulip Festival at the Arboretum. God and I had a conversation about how to help a friend who has cancer, the meaning of the Gospel at Mass, and the glory of the tulips as gift.

2. What is something you are most proud of? Something I’m most proud of over the years have been my efforts for sustainability and helping with ecology efforts for our planet earth. I really care for all of creation—humans, animals, plants, and all natural resources. I hope I can continue to raise awareness for myself and others, and to help with the conservation and preservation of these gifts given to us.

3. If you had one chance to be in a movie, which movie would you choose and why? If I had the chance to be in a movie I would choose Lincoln. It’s a powerful movie for all ages. I’d want to be part of the efforts to free persons of all races so that humankind can be more equal.