This week in the U.S., the Church marks National Vocation Awareness Week. I’ve had lots of opportunities to share my own vocation story lately. Sister Elisa and I were in New York last week talking about Ursuline life in our two Ursuline high schools there. Inevitably someone asks “How did you know you were called to be a Sister?” This time the question was slightly different~Why did I want to be an Ursuline Sister?

Here, in a nutshell, are my top three reasons:

  • The Ursulines I met were joyful and spread joy to those around theAngela  Der 2m.
  • The Ursulines prayerful spirit expressed itself in loving service [serviam].
  • The restlessness in my heart found an echo with the spirit of St. Angela Merici who was a pilgrim and a dreamer.

Maybe some other Ursuline Sisters will want to add some reasons to mine. Check back in the comment box and watch the list grow!