Winter clip art-001We’re at the midpoint of the Advent season. As we grow in the practice of silence we become more aware of mystery~ the Mystery of God who loves us so unconditionally as to take on a human body and model for us how to live as human beings. Silence and Mystery are at the heart of God and at the heart of our Christian faith experience. They also are at the heart of discerning our vocation in life. Befriending them both helps us hear God’s voice and respond.

Mystery requires that we leave our head and learn to listen with our heart. Mystery asks us to let go of our need to explain, understand, and control and instead to trust, wait, and believe. Stop reading for a second. Go back two sentences and replace the word mystery with Advent. During these remaining days of Advent, consider spending 10 minutes each day in your heart. While there, do less speaking and more listening. Notice what you feel; no need to explain. Simply welcome the Mystery of Emmanuel, God-with-us, into your life and the life of the world.