A few years ago I took a very unscientific survey of the top three things people liked most about Thanksgiving. Ninety percent of the people I polled included leftovers. I include myself here. Today I will open the refrigerator—probably more than once—and prepare a cold turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce, or heat up some stuffing and gravy, and add a slice of pumpkin pie. Just thinking about it whets my appetite!

But as I reflect more deeply on the words “thanksgiving leftovers” my heart leads me away from my stomach and draws me outward. As I give thanks for all of God’s many gifts I receive each day and over the course of my life, what is left over? For me, what remains is an overwhelming sense of God’s unconditional Providence, Mercy, and Love.

Why not take 10 minutes today and start a Gratitude List? Add to it over this Thanksgiving weekend. Notice the kinds of things that surface for you. When you’re ready, open your “inner refrigerator” and see what’s left over. If you can, leave a Comment with what you find there. It will be wonderful to create our own Backlit list of Thanksgiving leftovers! I know that our cornucopia will be spilling over.