Wednesday is Halloween—All Hallow’s eve. Halloween is such a mixed bag—literally and figuratively—and I’m not just referring to candy! The word Halloween has it’s roots in Christianity, but the holiday most likely dates back to pagan celebrations. For our readers outside the U.S., Halloween has become a billion-dollar industry involving costumes, candy, decorations for your house and front yard, and scary activities. For Christians, Halloween is the vigil of the celebration of our “living connection to all the faithful who’ve come before us.”

For anyone who’d like to dip into the Christian perspective of this celebration, here’s a few “treats” I recommend. If you wonder what All Saints Day has to do with Halloween, click here to watch Fr. Jim Martin, S.J.’s entertaining and informative video, and don’t miss the humorous takes at the very end. Or maybe you’re a scary movie fan? Click here to read about 3 things that horror films can teach us about the spiritual life.

How will I be spending Halloween? Well . . . I’ll be flying at dawn (by plane, not broom!) to Dallas for the National Religious Vocation Conference convocation. There’ll be 300+ attendees. I’ll be the one in the funny Halloween socks!

As this goes to press Hurricane Sandy is fast approaching the east coast. We ask you to join us in prayer for the safety of all who will be affected in any way.