I’m writing this post on Monday morning, even though you aren’t reading it until later. We are over 50 Ursulines sharing 4 computers, so I always need to plan ahead!

During our 2 free days we had the chance to visit Rome and enter into a kind of pilgrimage experience. No matter where you go you see groups of pilgrims from all over the world, many wearing identical t-shirts, following a leader who gives background on what they see. Here you see some of the small group of Ursuline pilgrims who travelled together last Saturday. Sr. Elisa lived in Rome for 12 years and was our unofficial pilgrim guide. One of the places we visited was the Church of the Gesù and the rooms of St. Ignatius. During the course of our formation, all Ursulines make two 30-day Ignatian retreats—during our novitiate and during tertianship. In addition to that, I have a soft place in my heart for all things Ignatian as I used to work at Loyola Press in Chicago. On display in his rooms are his shoes. They look very different from ours—thin, shapeless, and worn-out. Those shoes took Ignatius to many places for the “greater glory of God.” And so do ours. These days as I listen to my Sisters share about life in their countries and how they strive to prepare new members to embrace the world in the spirit of St. Angela, I’m moved by an awareness of how we journey together as pilgrims, en route to all the many places that Ursulines serve throughout the world. All for the greater glory of God.